About Us

The business is fully Australian owned has been founded by an experienced entrepreneur. Active Facility Services operates with clients ranging from small departments stores to car dealerships.

We specialize in areas dealership recruitment, car cleaning and car detailing, cleaning facilities including Large and small scale industrial cleaning, Education cleaning, retail cleaning medical centre cleaning, sport/lusire cleaning Hospitality and house cleaning and Management services. We have experienced staff across all sectors of operations who will guarantee the quality of work.

Active Facility services has active employees, all of whom are fully equipped with industry knowledge, skills and higher work ethics. Business operates with a fleet of modern vehicles and equipment that are fully insured for the safety of all parties engaged. Overall Active has a strong reputation for attention to detail, whether it is the domestic, corporate or fleet markets, Active Facility services has programs designed to keep all cleaning needs looking as good as NEW…

Our Vision

To be an unique , own passion , active workers, state -of- the- Art , delivering global standards locally.

Our Mission

AFS committed to providing higher skills people for workplace and keep our client workplace fresh and sparkling clean